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Initiated in 1998, InterTech Science Park is a community response to the need to diversify the economy of northwest Louisiana by encouraging the growth of technology-based industries. Sponsored by the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana, InterTech is located in an urban Brownfields area proximate to 80% of the region's scientific/medical personnel. The InterTech Master Plan is a 25-year strategy to create an environmentally friendly, worker-amenable, and technology-stimulating campus that enables the proliferation of life sciences, digital media and other emerging industries.

InterTech has twelve facilities with a total of 344,208 sq. ft. of laboratory, manufacturing and office space, and a current occupancy rate of 92 percent.

InterTech's central facility, InterTech 1, is a $12.2 million incubator for new bioscience businesses. Companies in the 60,000-square-foot InterTech 1 facility share $500,000 worth of equipment in a core laboratory and have experts analyze their business plans on a yearly basis. Companies from life science, pharmaceutical, digital media, and venture capital industries reside in InterTech1.

Currently 28 tenant entities are in the InterTech's twelve facilities. Over 390 employees work for these companies, with an average salary of over $53,000 and a total payroll exceeding $21 million. InterTech personnel provide recruitment, planning, financial and market strategy incubator services.