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Facility Services

The Biomedical Research Foundation provides facility planning, development and operational services to InterTech tenants, helping your company stay focused on what you do best: bringing your technology to market.

The Foundation's facilities maintenance and operations department has been involved in developing and operating a variety of BRF and tenant owned properties, including life science laboratory buildings, BSL-3 facilities, cyclotron and imaging facilities and a biomanufacturing plant.

Currently we have 225,000 SF of technical properties under operational management. Department staff includes licensed electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians with refrigerant certification, and personnel trained in building automation and security systems. The department utilizes a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to develop and maintain a database of all plant equipment maintenance requirements.

At your request, the Foundation can:


  • Recommend/coordinate A&E design team selection process
  • Recommend/coordinate construction manager selection process
  • Recommend/coordinate contractor selection process
  • Provide physical plant management services through the BRF facilities department

Provide you with knowledge of qualified regional suppliers and physical plant service providers